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1L Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks 1000ML -
1L Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks 1000ML -
1L Glass Erlenmeyer Flasks 1000ML -
Item#: CorningFlask

Product Description
Capacity: 1000ml (32oz)
Material: Borosilicate glass code 7740
Flask Style: Erlenmeyer
Neck Style: Narrow Mouth
Top Style: Heavy Duty Rim
Rubber Stopper No.: 9 - Sold Separately
Height: 216mm
Outer Dimension: 129mm
Graduation Range: 250 - 1000mL
Graduation Interval: 50mL
Autoclavable: Yes
Upper Extreme Temp: 490C (914F)
Upper Working Temp: 230C (446F)
Lower Working Temp: -230C (-382F)
Max. Thermal Shock: 160C (320F)
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